How to get started in the system Spelly?

Upload your text file, select a service (translation or proofreading) and language. The system will calculate the number of words and translation costs automatically. You can pay for the services directly on the website, and we will start working on your order immediately.

What file formats does the service support?

Spelly supports all formats which can be used by language translator. For the most popular formats (word, txt, pdf) we can automatically calculate the volume and price of the order. If you want to order translation of the file in another format, just upload it, our manager will calculate the volume of the order and will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I download several files at once?

Yes, you can. Just select all files you want to translate or correct.

How can I pay for the services of the Spelly?

We accept credit cards Visa / Mastercard and electronic wallets Yandex Money and Webmoney. Also you can pay for our services with cash through terminals and communication stores.

Are you going to add other languages?

Yes, we are constantly expanding the range of available services and adding new languages ​​for translation and proofreading. If you want to make an order, but the language you need is not available on the website yet, email us at info@spelly.com and we will try to find a solution.

What is a Bundle refill of the account and bonuses?

We offer an extra bonus if your account refill reaches a certain amount. If the amount of your refill is 1,000 roubles, you will get additional 10% (100 roubles) to your account. If the amount of your refill is 3,000 roubles, a bonus will be 20% (600 roubles respectively), and if it is 5000 roubles, you will get 30 %, so 1,500 roubles you will get for free! Bonus part of the account may be used for paying for the services in the same way as the money you have added to your account.

Can I get my money back from my account?

Yes, the account balance unspent on services can be returned at your request. To submit an application, please email the manager at info@spelly.com. Please note that the bonus part cannot be returned.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the quality of the translation?

It is highly important for us to provide you the best quality services, so we hope that such an incident will not occur. However, if you have a complaint, email the manager at info@spelly.com and we will do our best to rectify the situation (of course, for free).

Can I register as a legal entity?

We work with individuals and legal entities. While registering on the Website you should accept the terms of the offer and act according to them. If you want to sign up a written contract, write to us at info@spelly.com or make call.

I am a translator or a proofreader, and I want to work for you!

We look forward to seeing you in our team. To become a staff translator or a proofreader in our company, write at job@spelly.com. Send your resume, whereupon we will offer you to execute a test task.