fast and high-quality translation
and proofreading of texts of any difficulty

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Why Spelly?
  • Quickly

    Spelly is a professional team of highly experienced translators from around the world, and it allows us to find an executor within the shortest time possible.
  • Qualitatively

    All translators are certified, we form a rating based on your feedback which allows us to keep a high level of quality.
  • Always available

    Our translators are on different continents and in different time zones and it allows us to translate texts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Convenient

    Just drag the files you want. A few clicks without a long registration procedure, the whole process takes less than a minute.
  • 12 minutes

    The fastest translation,
    made by Spelly
  • from 2.5

    roubles per word
    cost of Spelly services

We are often asked

1 What are the benefits of translation in Spelly?
Quickly, qualitatively, always available. We translate 24 hours 7 days a week, our team of translators works on several continents, that provides a high level of quality and quickness of translation.
2 How to use the service
Upload your text file, select a service (translation or proofreading, language combination), the system will automatically calculate the number of words and time needed for translation. After a while when the language translator appears in the system, you will be able to stay in touch with him during the whole translation process.
3 How to pay for the order
We accept payments via Visa/Mastercard, Yandex.Money and Webmoney.
4 How to get the order
As soon as the translation is ready you will be notified by email with reference to the result of translation